Clients of The Voice Studio talk about their experiences studying with our teachers

 •Testimonials For Katie Guthorn

“I work at a "transformational" business that expands our human potential, and the people I work with decided to produce a public event in a few months that involves singing... and damn! I have absolutely no experience singing and I even considered myself tone deaf. Now, I'm a pretty brave guy - I can speak to a thousand people without getting nervous and I've even firewalked over 40 feet of red hot coals... but the idea of singing just terrified me!

However, instead of coming up with an excuse for not participating - which is very tough when you're the CEO, I decided to take a few lessons with Katie at the Voice Studio to see if I could somehow learn how to carry a tune and not embarrass myself.

I cannot express with only the written word, how amazing the process of learning to sing was - over the course of just a few lessons - as taught by Katie... Here, let me demonstrate what I could do after just TWO lessons: aprinstitute.com/Downloa…

I recorded this on my iPhone this after just two lessons with Katie, using some dumb karaoke app. What's more, I discovered that singing is REALLY FUN, and I don't even CARE if it sounds good or not. Singing is learning how to "play" with your voice. It's like making love with speech. Never having sung in public is like never having made love! It's, it's... damn, singing is so fun and exhilarating that it just makes you want to quit your job and become a professional musician!

Finally, I found one interesting lasting effect of learning how to sing. When you sing, and bridge your falsetto with your lower "normal" voice, that usually creaky middle range resonates right in your "heart chakra". This is why great singers, like Sade and Sting, can elicit so much emotion with their songs - they sympathetically resonate in your heart. The lasting effect of learning how to sing, is that I have deepened my natural ability as a public speaker, so that my speaking voice can now also "resonate in the heart chakra" which has made more more compelling as a public speaker.

So I am more than happy to testify... you meet true teachers, like Katie, only once in a lifetime. She shares a deep wisdom & patience that truly actualizes human potential, and makes it possible for the most singing-impaired people, like I used to be, to become one of those wacky people happily singing in the car as they sit trapped alongside you in a traffic jam on the freeway... there's an amazing inner freedom available to you when you learn how to sing when you drive... so I am no longer a prisoner, of the fine white lines, of the white lines on the free, free way…”

 -Moses Ma (Yelp review)

"Katie is helping me to understand what it means to keep my vocal chords together and not to damage my voice when I sing with my band."

-Layla Allman, lead singer

“I just wanted to take time to thank you, Katie, for the excellent voice instruction you’ve given and continue to give to my daughter, Lauren. I was impressed from the very first lesson. You are a gifted professional who is able to address the needs and talents of your individual students. Your warm and caring nature is also very much appreciated.
What I like most is that Lauren is learning to sing in a healthy and technically correct way and that she's had several opportunities to practice what she's learning through Voice Studio performances. I couldn't be happier with her progress. Thank You! “
wenty-year-old singer Josh Groban, discovered by Seth Riggs and introduced to world-renowned producer/writer/arranger David Foster, Josh's journey to his label home, the Foster/Warner Bros. joint venture - 143 Records - his story reads like that of show business legend.

-Mary Beth Bradford, mother of Lauren Bradford, singer/drummer

“I have been taking lessons with Katie Guthorn for over 3 years and have benefited tremendously. Katie is a well trained, kind, creative teacher with an excellent ear. Since our lessons must be over the phone, these attributes become even more imperative.
Each lesson imparts valuable information to body, mind and spirit. Less than optimal vocal production tendencies are exposed and trained with “antidotes”- vocalizing which isolates those tendencies in order to eliminate bad habits and replace them with excellent ones. I am learning how to sing with a more relaxed larynx, to narrow vowels and to calm down my ingrained habit to over-blow. Just these things alone are creating great change, but there are many other wonderful shifts in my ability and understanding of voice. The best part, however, is the exhilarating experience of effortless vocalizing when vowels are kept narrow with correct balance of cord closure and air pressure!
We all know that joyful, effortless singing is possible and we love the accompanying resonance; yet the ability to do so usually requires help. A great teacher is one who can hear and feel the obstacles to easy production and intelligently work that terrain until those obstacles are gone. Finding such a teacher and method is, in itself, not an easy task.
Katie rises to the occasion at each new plateau or discovery. If you love to sing, then these lessons will transform your life!”

-Lyn Dean, Singer/Teacher

“I would like to recommend Katie Guthorn as a teaching instructor. She is always very professional and yet has a great way with children as well as adults. She is able to target in on problem areas and help her students achieve their goals.
Katie has been most helpful with my eleven year old son and has helped him expand his vocal range more than an octave. My son said that ‘Katie's very nice and her technique is really helpful!’” One of the most important attributes that Katie has is that she is a skillful vocal coach. She is able to build confidence as well as help develop useful vocal skills. I would definitely recommend Katie Guthorn for adults as well as children.”

-Megan Alexander, mother of Caleb Alexander, Singer/Dancer/Actor

  •Testimonials For Kathy Kennedy

“I have been a professional actor and singer for over 25 years. Recently, I was asked to front a rock and roll band here in San Francisco.It's been a year and a half of weekly lessons and I don't think I'm EVER going to stop studying with Kathy. She has completely changed my approach to singing. I have a stronger and more versatile voice now than I did in my 20s. I am able to do things that I never dreamed possible. And I'm using my voice the RIGHT way. Two weeks ago, our band did a gig at a local bar. After singing for four straight hours, (including some AC/DC covers,) I honestly felt like I could have done it all over again.
Kathy has an amazing ear and an uncanny ability to isolate and fix problem areas. She truly is one of the most gifted teachers I've ever had the pleasure of working with.”

- Ken N.

As a choir and vocal music teacher, I was struggling with overuse of my voice. At times during the past eight years, I've contemplated having to quit teaching singing. But then I met Kathy Kennedy and began to study with her on a weekly basis. What a change! I rarely strain my voice now, and even though I still work with very large groups of singers, I feel my voice is meeting the demands I place on it. I'm so grateful to Kathy for introducing me to this system. I use it with my own choir students to help them learn to sing with greater ease and a larger range. It's not an exaggeration to say my lessons with Kathy saved my voice and my job!


I'm not a safe singer. I love taking risks. The few tweaks (as she called them) that Kathy made to my voice literally saved my voice for my Gospel tour in Poland in December. I was singing the soprano and the alto line throughout the whole concert and it is probably the first time in my life where I stayed connected and didn't finish with a light, airy, tired voice. I felt like a lioness, as if I could do anything I wanted to do with my voice. I have a much clearer and organic idea of what I need to do to not only sing, BUT to SANG through 1st and 2nd bridge.

Though they were minor adjustments to make physically, they made huge changes in my voice. I'm less afraid to sing right through my bridges which allows me greater artistic freedom. Now I can do it serenely knowing that I will always land on my feet. It's amazing how much power you can get singing from such a small place. I cannot thank Kathy enough.

- Monique Thomas-Ottaviani

As I have been singing and taking voice lessons off and on for 15 years, but have always been sort of lost in the process of how to control my voice without straining, how to connect through my bridges, and how to really have the confidence to take vocal risks.

Amazingly, in just one lesson with Kathy, all of my practices made sense to me and I had a very huge a-ha moment where I understood what direction I needed to take my voice. For the first time, someone told me I was lucky to have the voice that I did. Her feedback and teaching approach is encouraging, open, genuine and supportive which makes learning very easy and her constructive feedback is gentle and oh so helpful towards vocal growth. I highly recommend her for any voice type!

- Andrea Aragon
Singer/Songwriter/Guitarist for Van Aragon

Kathy saved my singing voice. When I first went to her, I sang with fear and uncontrollable strain. I was struggling with high notes and thought I had lost my voice. With the healthy singing habit Kathy has assisted me to build, I not only sound better but also sing with comfort. Kathy is an awesome voice trainer. She knows what your problems are and helps you correct them in an encouraging and effective way. If you want to sing with ease and greatness, Kathy can definitely help you out!!!

- Maurice Tien-Min Li, Vancouver, BC, Canada

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